About Me

Hello, I am Muhammad Firdaus Soeroto.
Simply, call me Firdaus, Daus or Dau. You may choose! It depends on how close you are to me.

I am A Writer.
I am a writer who currently based in Jakarta. I write about anything because I love writing. In my line of work, I am challenged to be a Copywriter and a Content Writer, and it becomes what I am doing now. And I am a Copywriter who challenges me to do some creative things, most of them are in writings, for sure. As the Copywriter, I have done several creative things, such as creating taglines and slogans, creating announcements for company’s events, writing e-newsletters, collaborating with graphic designers to create wording announcement in the adv banners and posters, creating captions in company’s Social Media, making scripts and creating wordings for company’s videos, being a voice-over or narrator for some company’s matters, even translating some company’s documents and files.

I love Public Speaking and Traveling.
Having a public speaking skill is one of plus points of me. I have become an MC for several events when I was in college, also in the events of a company and a community. This makes me speak up in public with confidence. Because of this also makes me challenge myself and had joined several public speaking competitions, especially in Newscasting field.

Not only that, I also love traveling to some places I have never visited before. To me, traveling is not only about entertaining myself but it is also about knowing more about God, about the universe and about me, myself. Traveling also becomes something I am into as an activity to get new experiences, to know other people’s cultures and traditions, to have new friends, to learn about new histories.

I am the second child of three children coming from a humble family background, and I am feeling blessed to be where and what I am today.

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